George Wright

George Wright

Granger, IN

George Wright is a past attendee of the old MAKR.  He has been a member of the Windjammer's since 1996. 

After seeing the Windjammer's kite team at several events around the Tri State area, he approached them and asked to join,  even though he lives in the South Bend, Indiana area (easily a 3 hour trip from Metro Detroit area) He would make the trip up for practice, and then has been performing with the team ever since.

George has many other hobbies; one that stands out is his affection (borderline obsession) for Radio Controlled aircrafts. He has lost count of the number of RC Planes, Helicopters and etc , he has.  So many that he had to a custom trailer to carry them to his local flying field. 

George helped with several modifications to the Snack Blaster and is looking forward to U-MAKE 2018.