Robert Brasington
Tasmania, Australia

At the 2012 AKA convention in Enid Oklahoma Robert Brasington was awarded The Lee Toy award. This honor goes to the kite artist of the year. Criteria in the selection process focuses on the person’s body of original work. It also includes commitment to kites as art and the ability to inspire others.

A long time member of the AKA, Robert Brasington’s love of kite flying is evident in all that he does.  Perhaps the most likable, approachable, humble kite flyer, he is, by his very nature, a true ambassador to kiting.

Kite making workshops now have been part of Robert’s kite life for more than 10 years.

During that time he has conducted workshops around the world based on his original designs.  Workshop projects are aimed at participants with basic contemporary kite making skills.  All hardware is supplied and workshop manuals enable participants to complete the projects at a later date if desired.  Robert will be offering kits with custom color choices.  Because of the time involved to create your custom kit, orders for kits will have a cutoff date.    

 Robert Brasington’s love of architecture and nature are the foundation for his designs and keen use of color gradients resulting in a recognizable, unique and innovative style.  He has designed and produced literally hundreds of different kites.  Robert is currently producing over 50 different kites, with seemingly endless color combinations.  He also does commission work, and designs for New Tech and Into the Wind.

He enjoys an International reputation for putting on his own festival within a festival, flying from first thing in the morning to the end of the day, with a spectacular show of quality, color and unique kites that are sought after worldwide.