2020 Instructors and Projects

U-MAKE 2020

February 28-29, March 1, 2020!

Please refresh your screen if the slideshow does not start automatically.  

Registration for returning U-MAKE participants will start mid October, and Open Enrollment for new participants will begin Oct. 31, 2019.

Beginning this year, each class will be guaranteed to have available spots for Open Enrollment.  What does this mean?  Some of our returning participants will need to be very quick during Early Enrollment, or will have to take their chances with Open Enrollment!  

Registration for U-MAKE 2020 will be $200.

Click on the below links for documents to print!  (Instructors, these downloadable PDF's are for 2019 and are for examples only.  We will add 2020 as we get ready to go live mid August.)

One Page Advertisement                   Instructor PDF                                    Project PDF                       Schedule PDF

Scroll down and click on each instructor name and project name for detailed information on new page!


Donna Schenk --  Windsock Theory
Ken McNeill  --  Sew Like a Pro
Simon Crafts and Brett Marchel  --  AC Genki