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Expected Yearly Schedule

This is kite time....

7/1 Confirmation of Instructors
7/15 Due date of Bios for Instructors
7/30 Due date of Project Descriptions and Photos
8/15 Announcement of Instructors Via Facebook/Web
9/1 Project and Instructors Announced via Facebook/Web
9/1 One Page Ad/Fliers Available to advertise/post
9/1 Date of final info for registration  (Prices please!!)
10/15 Registration opens for Teachers/Staff
10/18 Registration opens for past year Participants
10/21 Early Registration--Those attending previous years or carpooling with last year's Participants
1/31 Last Day to Cancel with $25 Non-refundable fee
1/31 Last Day of Registration
2/10 No Cancellations--$50 raffle tickets in participants name
3/2 U-MAKE !!!!!!   (first weekend in March)