I have ordered extra kits....

Many of our instructors will offer to sell kits to registered U-MAKE attendees that are not able to take their class, or simply want an extra kit or two.

Please be sure to pick up your extra kits at a convenient time for your instructor.   Have exact cash and an easy way to pick up your kit.

Although not required, it is encouraged that you have a Project Bag for each instructor kit you are picking up.  

A Project Bag is NOT a Kite Bag, it is actually on the large size, and simply a way to store all fabric, spars, accessories, reinforcements and instructions in one secure place until you are ready to assemble the project.  

Whether that is the next weekend, or in three years, all items will be securely in one place.    

Another advantage of a Project Bag is the ability to drop your bag and kit payment off to your instructor at the beginning of a class, and pick it up at the end of class filled and ready to go.