When can I enroll?

Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event enrolls in waves.  We first let the current year's teachers, staff and any scholarships enroll.  Then returning participants may enroll.  After returning participants have a chance to enroll, anyone who has attended in the past can enroll.  Finally, we open enrollment to everyone.

The best chance to get the class you want?.....come every year and have a great time doing so! 

For 2018, we anticipate the following, but remember this is "kite time" and we sometimes adjust to "wind" conditions.  

10/15 Registration opens for Teachers/Staff/Raffle or Scholarship Participants
10/18 Registration opens for past year Participants
10/23 Early Registration--Those attending previous years or carpooling with last year's Participants
1/31 Last Day to Cancel with $25 Non-refundable fee
1/31 Last Day of Registration
2/10 No Cancellations--$50 raffle tickets in participant's name
3/2         U-MAKE !!!!!!   (first weekend in March)