Dan Kurahashi

Burnaby, BC  Canada

Dan Kurahashi specializes in Kite Trains
Miniature Kites ( Mini Cody, Mini Edo, Mini Birds, others) Japanese Kites (miniature and big ones) and Heat Seal Kites

Dan is a master of many things, including his vast knowledge of bamboo and heat sealing. 

Please take advantage of Dan's expertise! 

Kite experience:  Start flying kite at age of 5 or 6, in Tokyo,  these day's favour YAKKO-DAKO (Footman kite).  Made few kites, and learned how to adjust bridles.  Stop flying at age 17 to prepare entry exam. for University.  Started to fly again 2 years later and kept flying ever since.
Joined Japan Kite Association in 1973  Attend all Japan Kite Association's kite fly and general meetings 
Aug. 1976 :  Immigrated to Canada to seek wider sky.
Flew kites at Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, even in snowing weather.
Dec. 1977, moved to Vancouver.