Donna Schenk
Jefferson, WI

Donna gives you a GREAT platform to start making kites from!  And for those of you more advanced, Donna is able to help with those next steps in an easy communicated manner.  

Donna comes from the Jefferson area of Wisconsin and has been building and flying kites for over 20 years.  She has been involved with Kites on Ice and is known as “Mrs. Kite Lady” for the Tour de Kites, a series of annual kite festivals hosted by the Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois.   Donna has taught kite building for many clubs and youth groups.  An accomplished teacher, she also has also taught many young people how to sew through being a Family and Consumer Ed. teacher in her local school system.  As one of the principal sponsor kite builder for the Tour de Kites, Donna has built many Sponsor 8’ Rokkaku kites each year.  She keeps her methods simple and easy to do.  If you are new to sewing, or to kitemaking, be sure to sign up for Donna’s classes!  She gives you a GREAT platform to start making kites from!  Beginner and beginner/intermediate kite building techniques are Donna's main focus of teaching.