Jon Trennepohl & Wayne Brunjes

Jon Trennepohl & Wayne Brunjes
Plymouth, MI

Jon is owner of
Kites & Fun Things Ltd. Est. 1988
Sky Burner Kites Inc. Est. 1989
Sky Shark Tubes
Sport Kite designer for Premier Kites

Wayne has been designing both single line and dual line kites for nearly 20 years, co-designer for Sky Burner Kites.    

Jon Trennepohl is a professional kiter--one of the few who is so talented he is actually kiting full time!  Below is just a small part of Jon's nearly 30 years of kite flying experience!  Nearly all of it at the top of the kite field!   

Wayne Brunjes has been an avid Kite Flyer for 25 years, and has been designing both single line and dual line kites for nearly 20 years.

 Wayne is a former Masters Class competitor on the AKA and American Kite Circuit, and ranked 2nd in Masters Precision in back in 95.   An international Flyer, Wayne has attended festivals throughout the U.S., in Europe and in South America.

 Wayne has been co-designer for Sky Burner Kites with Jon Trennepohl for the past 20 years.  Together they have designed some of the top sport kites in the industry.  Wayne and Jon are also co-designers of Sport Kites for Premier Kites for the past 17 years.  Creating some of best flying and affordable sports kites available.

 In recent years Wayne has focused more on Single line kites, creating unique large framed wing kites.  Interest lately has been focused on suspended wing and glider kites.  Pushing and refining designs, working on what makes the best all around flying machine.