Kevin Reynolds

Canandaigua, NY

Kevin Reynolds has been playing with bubbles almost as long as he's been flying kites. He's been making really big bubbles since he was a kid. As an adult Kevin has performed with bubbles at events all over North America as well as in China and Japan.

He has presented bubble workshops for kite clubs in New York, Connecticut, and at U-MAKE 2015 and 2017 and always shares his knowledge with anyone that asks.  Kevin was also one of the many bubble performers from around the world that gathered in Boston for the Bubble Daze IV meeting in 2015.
If you ask Kevin Reynolds how long he’s been flying kites, he will answer that he “never stopped.”  Since he was a kid kites have been a part of what he does. 

Sometime in the early 1990s a friend handed him a homemade stack of Hyperkite clones to fly.  That flight planted the seed that making his own kites from high tech ripstop materials was something he could do.  Still it was many years and many store bought kites later that a kite making workshop finally got Kevin in front of his sewing machine with some ripstop. 

That first workshop was in 2008 and the project was to make some simple 4 foot bols with the New York Kite Enthusiasts.  It didn’t take long for Kevin to be completely hooked on kite making.

As a novice entrant at the 2011 American Kitefliers Association Grand Nationals Comprehensive Kite Making Competition in Wildwood, New Jersey, Kevin was awarded first place in the Soft and Flexible kite category, first place in Sky Display, second place in Rokkaku, and third place in Novice Overall.