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Dan Kurahashi 3D Heat Seal

3D Heat Seal 

Peter Lynn 3D Box   

Presented by Dan Kurahashi, Burnaby, BC Canada

No Sew Project


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels


Half Day Project


Offered Once 


3D Heat Seal 3D Peter Lynn 28" high by 40" or so inches wide

We are using 0.0015” to 0.002” LDPE skin and 0.006” LDPE reinforce for our class


3D Heat Seal 3D Peter Lynn wind range low to moderate winds

SPECIAL NOTE: Project is heat seal, and you may want to order Dan's preferred soldering irons with a heat control.  

SUPER SPECIAL NOTE: Linda Larkey has taken Dan's great classes!  She suggests to order the soldering iron from Dan! 
It makes a WORLD of difference!  

3D Heat Seal  Learn kite building on the techniques of welding plastic.  

Plastic is a great medium for kitebuilding.  It is relatively inexpensive, but if done correctly, the welds hold as well as sewn kites.    

The secret to welding plastics is to heat up the plastic above the melting point but below the cutting point.  Different types of plastics will be discussed (HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and PVC) and their various melting points.  Dan will quickly lead you though the steps to make great looking and long lasting kites.  Dan is very knowledgeable about his class and discussions will include:
Various melting points of different types of plastic:
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene : (make crisp rustling noise) is about 130 ºC
LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene : (make no noise) is about 110 ºC
PET (Polyethylene terphthalate : water bottle) is about 250—260 ºC
PP (Polypropylene) is about 160—170 ºC
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is about 75—90 ºC
Tip temperature needs to be 30 ºC to 100 ºC higher than melting point of the material you are working with.  Consider following fact, right combination of materials, techniques and consistency makes seal better, if you fail, change one at time.
      • Tip temperature
      • Heat transfer rate, two layers or three layers? Total thickness?
      • Pressure, more will transfer heat faster, too much tear the face.
      • Speed if moving, or if stationed length of time. Do not forget to wait until the joined material cools down.

Join Dan for a half day of kite building and learning.  Or take advantage of his expertise and take several of Dan's classes!  

What to bring: 
Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Pre-Order a heat sealer for class or bring your own heat control soldering iron.  Also needed is an extension cord, scissors, exacto knife, 1/8” hand punch if available, wax paper (cooking type), old newspapers, 14” or longer metal straight edge and a couple of large poster boards or cardboard to have a smooth sealing surface while protecting the table surface.