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Mitch Cordover No Sew Ram Air Pocket Sled

No Sew Ram Air Pocket Sled 

Presented by Mitch Cordover, Chesterfield, MO

No Sew Project, but could be either no sew or sew.  


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels


Half Day Project 


Offered Once 


Ram Air Pocket Sled Wing span 28", height 17.5"  Totally soft, folds to fit into an IPhone case


Ram Air Pocket Sled  2 MPH to 15mph without tail, 15+ with tail

Chikara – a high-end double coated fabric with unmatched lasting performance due to its high tear strength. Chikara is used by many kite and paraglider manufacturers, industries in which quality and performance demands are extremely high. This makes Chikara suitable for many other applications where light weight, tear strength and low stretch are important

Description of Project:   This kite is an utterly reliable flyer. It can go up in the slightest wind, but will hold it's own on the beach.  We'll be putting on a patch for a tail so it will even put up with a stiff breeze.   Because it is so small when folded up, there is never a reason to not have a kite with you.  It is in the center console of my car for parking lot duty.

This is a quick little project that is full of tricks your can apply to many no sew kites (and even some sewn kites.)

You will learn basic double sided tape applications and something about the tape, how to do hidden tape seams and invisible back taping to prevent peeling under stress.  We will apply patches in a way you can use even with sewn kites. 
We'll go over burnishing techniques as well. 

There is a 7 inch by 16 inch area in the middle panel of this kite that can be no sew appliquéd.  We'll discuss techniques. I'll bring some scrap if you want to try some simple designs.  OR you can sew an appliqué
 at home and sew it or tape it to the central panel in class if you have time.  HINT: if you are going to apply it no sew, beginners will find straight edges much easier.

Even with simple appliqué, there is no doubt that you will be able to finish this fun kite in the time allotted. 

What comes with the kit is all the cut pieces, precut lengths of tape, the corner and tail tabs and bridal line.  There will be written instruction with the kits.  If you showed up with a pocket knife and 8 fingers, you would have a kite in 2 hours. Or less.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Straight edge, fabric marking pencil (or just a pencil will do), scissors and a razor knife.

Bring a little bag for the paper that comes off the back of the tape and for tiny scraps.  I recommend a burnishing tool, e.g. old credit card, bone folder, cut Popsicle stick...

If you want to fly it at U-MAKE, bring some light line. 20# Dacron will do.  For that matter almost any light line will do.