Pocket Sled with Cut-Away Applique

Pocket Sled with Cut-Away Applique

Presented by Darryl Waters Zeeland, MI

Darryl Waters Beginning Applique Sled

CLASS LENGTH: Full Day Project



Sled is 20 inches high, with a 2.5 foot attached organza tail

WIND RANGE: Sleds fly in any wind conditions from light to gale winds (up to 35 MPH)

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project


SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels

This class will be for a Pocket Sled featuring an applique center panel. The class will be broken up into 2 main parts. First, we’ll tackle the applique. The applique will be done using the cut-away method. This is an easy method for novices to learn, and can produce some great results with a little practice. This part of the class will be part instructional and part hands on. Once the center panel is made, we’ll turn it into a pocket sled. This sled was originally based on the Buck Childers design, but has been modified a bit to simplify the assembly and integrate an organza tail. The sled is approximately 20 inches tall, and has a two and a half foot long tail.

The kit includes everything you need for the kite including a 2-color center panel with black outlining. Students are welcome to bring additional fabric (this is a great way to use up some scrap) and trade bits of fabric with others in the class to add additional color. The scrap we generate in this class can be used to make a storage bag for the kite.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors and regular sewing supplies is typical of sewing classes. The only other thing you need are Sharp scissors that can glide through ripstop nylon easily. Darryl Waters recommend the “Gingher 5 inch Knife Edge Sewing Scissors”.

No KITS outside of class, technique best learned in class!

COLOR CHOICE: Lots! The kit includes everything you need for the kite including a 2 color center panel with black outlining. Please bring additional fabric or scraps for the class to practice applique and add more colors to their sleds.

KIT PRICE: Project is $20 US