Ed Grys

Flat Circoflex

Flat Circoflex

Presented by Ed Grys, Madison, WI

Ed Grys Flat Circoflex

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project

CLASS SIZE: Class Size - 12

SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels

CLASS LENGTH: Full Day Project


SIZE OF PROJECT: Project is approximate 6.5 feet in diameter. Sail is 18 inches wide.

WIND RANGE: Circoflex flies in a surprising variety of wind conditions. An added tail will extend the wind range.

In this class you will build a 6 ½ feet diameter Circoflex that can easily be broken down to fit in a normal kite bag. Seeing a Circoflex fly is always a site that defies logic and is a crowd pleaser.

Students will supply enough ripstop material to form a strip 18 inches wide and 20 feet long. The 18-inch dimension is an unfinished (unhemmed) measurement. The 20-foot dimension is a maximum hemmed dimension. The 20-foot max is important so that the five 48-inch spars will form a tight circle.

The 18-inch by 20-foot sail can be made up of one color, a base color with appliqué or a combination of colors and patterns. This project allows you the opportunity to use leftovers from other projects to form a colorful sail. The final circle is formed by joining the ends of the 20-foot strip with Velcro and a snap lock. The spar is easily slipped in and out the spar pocket while the sail is flat.

Supplies Needed: Sewing machine and supplies. Class materials supplied will be carbon spars, Velcro, snap, counterweights, material for counterweight pockets, bridle lines, and detailed instructions and flying instructions

No KITS outside of class, technique best learned in class!

COLOR CHOICE: Lots! Bring your own sail, 18 inch X 20 foot

KIT PRICE: Project is $55 US -- Spars are carbon! Fabric not included.