Jon Trennepohl & Craig Rodgerson Jewel Box

Jewel Box

Presented by Jon Trennepohl Plymouth, MI

& Craig Rodgerson Durand, MI

Jon Trennepohl & Craig Rodgerson Tumbling Box

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project

CLASS SIZE: Class Size - 12

SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels

CLASS LENGTH: Full Day Project

TIMES OFFERED: Offered Twice

SIZE OF PROJECT: Project is 10 inch high, 10 inch wide

WIND RANGE: Project flys in a wide rage of winds --2 MPH to 8 MPH, with heavier frames they will fly in higher winds.

The Jewel Box

Tumbling Cube Box Kite with Jewel Tone Laminate accents.

Simple sewing skills if you can sew using a zig zag stitch

.Assemble a 10" Tumbling Box Kite featuring applique techniques for decorating with Jewel Tone Laminates and Icarex fabric.

Alix Martin is often attributed with introducing cube kites. This fun version of the traditional Cube Box kite features both Slip Bridle and Fixed Tow Points. Cubes are flown in a "fighter-kite" style and can be very maneuverable.

Kits: $25 include your choice of 2 colors of Icarex fabric, carbon frames, fittings, misc. supplies, and Jewel Tone Laminates.

Needed Supplies: Sewing machine and a working knowledge of how to use it. Straight stitch and three step zig-zag stitch needed. Thread (at least black), scissors (both cloth and utility), 36"straight edge(metal is best), utility knife, masking tape, your basic sewing kit, patience, and a sense of adventure

The Jewel Tone Laminates, the applique part of this project, is a type of Mylar used and developed for the wind surfing industry . It is a 1.5 mil thickness and comes in some really beautiful opaque colors. It looks and works like stained glass for kites. The slideshow has several kites that are not the Jewel Box that use this beautiful material.

COLOR CHOICE: Participants will have your choice of 2 colors of Icarex fabric, and Jewel Tone Laminates at class.

KIT PRICE: Project is $25 US

Laminates are clear jewel tone durable plastic sheeting new to the kiting industry. . These laminates are great to work with, and unique. Jon Trennepohl is the sole distributor of these great additions to kite sails.