Ryan Larkey Eddy Stack

Eddy Stack

Presented by Ryan Larkey, Liberty, MO

Ryan Larkey Pauly Berard Eddy Train

SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels

CLASS LENGTH: Half Day Project


TYPE OF CLASS: No Sew Project


SIZE OF PROJECT: Project is 9 inches high, 9 inches wide

3 kites in a set

WIND RANGE: Project flys best at walking speed indoors

NOTE: Project will be similar to photos. Materials are on order for the exact project, and we will update photos when available.

Make this great indoor kite train from mylar!

This three stack kite train is easily maneuverable with a telescoping pole (not included) and will make you look like a rock star in any indoor location! Add this project to your bag!

Ryan has modified a great project by Pauly Berard with a new type sail material to make a simple to construct and sturdy no sew project.

Make one three stack train, or buy several kits and add to the fun!

Trains should be flown with a pole or stick for best maneuverability.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Scissors and utility knife, cutting mat.

COLOR CHOICE: Color choices are selected at class.

KIT PRICE: Project is $15 - $20 US