Delta Conyne

Delta Conyne

Presented by Ben Huggett Philidelphia, PA

Ben Huggett Delta Conyne

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project


SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels

CLASS LENGTH: Full Day Project



Project is 32.5 inches high, 6 feet wide

WIND RANGE: Project flies best in a wide variety of winds


Join Ben Huggett to make his version of a Delta Conyne. The design philosophy behind this kite is that all of the construction choices for were made to keep it simple and make it a great flyer.

Simple to build. Simple to assemble. Simple to fly.

Simple to build. Straight stitch sewing is all that is required, although use of a zig-zag stitch can be used in many places. There are no curves to tape or sew. The kite is primarily made with simple folded hem aided by a strapping tape reinforcement. Aside from some applied insignia cloth reinforcements, the skin of this kite is formed simply by folding and sewing. There are no extra fittings for this kite - just spars with end caps and one ferrel for the spreader There is no extra cutting of the spars in this kite - 5 of them are used at their original 32.5” length. Only the two piece spreader will be cut and then glued to one piece length. Graphics can be left off, applied before or after the creation of the wings, or even applied after assembly of the kite. Simple building means that once you get the hang of it, you can build one in about 3 hours. This is a great kite for making multiples for a train or to give away to children.

Simple to assemble. This kite was designed to be foolproof on the flying field. Assembly involves inserting the one piece spreader into pockets. The leading edge spars are sewn in place to prevent riding up to the nose. The two point bridle is easily adjustable. Children can assemble and fly this kite on their own - gaining a positive and reinforcing experience with kiting.

Simple to fly. Because it is built from 0.5oz fabric and carbon spars, this kite is ultralight, yet robust, and will fly in almost any winds.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors and regular sewing supplies is typical of sewing classes

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 12/1/2022 A Limited Number of Extra kits will be available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: You can have any color you want, as long as it is Black. Bring some scrap fabric for graphics on the wings if you want to do that.

KIT PRICE: Project is $50 US