Cat Gabrel

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Cat Gabrel Stillwater, OK

Cat Gabrel

Kites have been in my life since the mid to late 1980’s. Of course, I flew paper Eddy kites as a child. In my mid 30’s dual line kites were becoming popular, and it was fun flying Peter Powell’s, and other sport kites. Great stress relievers. It was around 2001 that I was introduced to kite Buggies and quad line foils. They are exciting and thrilling, but I was not very good.

I love flying fighter kites and single line kite now. I do make many of my own. I also love to buy and fly other people’s kites and I get to feel the joy of flying their beautiful art. I look at their art and it’s flying and well that is where I want to be. Attending kite festivals, flying with friends, making kites and new friends all along the way. I love the positive energy I feel.

In 2008 I retired from my job as a Dietitian, a year later I started my on-line kite store called “Kites In The Sky” I sell kite making kits, winders, kite tail and a few books. I have found a way to share the joy of kite making and flying with people of all ages across the country. Kite making is a great way to teach most any subject. The positive reinforcement received when your kite fly’s is pure joy. I love what I do.

Cat offers kite kits and accessories that are perfect for festivals, kite making events and birthdays from her online store "Kites In The Sky."

"I take the work out of workshops, providing quality parts for kites that really fly." Cat Gabrel

An AKA member, Cat enjoys flying in Fighter Kite and Rokkaku competitions. She is a contributor to the AKA Kiting magazine, served as AKA Convention Workshop Chair and received the AKA Volunteer of the Year Award.

Over the past 30 years I’ve had the good fortune of being able to work with Marti and Richard Dermer in over 100 workshop presentations; teaching about kites, kite history and how to make simple, great flying kites.

For 10 years I managed the perpetual kite displays in 11 of the Hideaway-2 Pizza Restaurants, in OKC, Tulsa, Edmond and Norman. Most recently I participated in the installation of the “Art for Water Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition” in the downtown Austin, TX Library.

Cat Gabrel has taught numerous workshops at Fort Worden Kitemaking Conference, Oregon Kitemakers Retreat, AKA National Conventions, Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event, Junction Kite Makers Retreat, children's kite making every summer at the International Kitefliers Meeting, Fanø, Denmark, Germany and many more local classes.