Grant Lovett

Grant Lovett

Brownsburg, IN

Grant Lovett

Grant Lovett has been flying kites as long as he can remember and been building them for about 25 years. His 12' x 6’,

ten pointed Double Star was selected as the 2004 kite of the year on the forum at,

A member of the Hoosier Kitefliers Society, he attends as many of the festivals around the Indianapolis area as he can.

He was a regular at the Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan, (and now the Kite Festival at Grand Haven.)

He has attended festivals in Oregon, Ohio, Iowa, Dieppe-Canada, and Fano Denmark. The easiest way to find him on the

flying field is to look for his distinctive eight foot, multi-colored, patchwork Spikey.

Previous classes:

Grant has taught classes at MAKR, OKR, Fort Worden and U-MAKE.