Ground Based Installations Doves

GBI Doves

Presented by Robert Brasington Tasmania, Australia

Four different GBI will be offered in a full day class. Participants will be able to choose any of the four different styles to sew. This one day class will be offered BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Participants can enroll in either day or both days for more time sewing their Ground Based Installation. Remember, Sunday is a shorter sewing day. Choose wisely! Robert will offer extra kits for any 2023 U-MAKE Participant.

Robert Brasington GBI

The basis of these ground-based installations is that they are instant displays at Kite Events, whether there is wind or not. The displays are erected in the morning and retrieved last thing in the evening.

Each item is attached to a 3 Meter pole that is then anchored to the ground. The skirts are made to suit the color combinations of the above kite.

Over the past couple of years, I have found they are very interactive and much photographed, particularly if they are positioned in the public areas. The installations are up front and tactile so the public feel they are connected to the event.

All kites fly perfectly without poles as singles or as stacks

Robert Brasington

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project

CLASS SIZE: Class Size - 20

SKILL LEVEL: Upper basic to Intermediate/Advanced

CLASS LENGTH: Full Day Project

TIMES OFFERED: Offered Twice

SIZE OF PROJECT: GBI are on based on a 13 foot B'n'M Black Widow Crappie Rod (available at either Wal-Mart or Cabelas..$16.99) They will be adapted down to 10 foot.

Also needed will be 15-20mm dowel (1/2 to 3/4 inch) x 500mm (20 inches) long or a ridged fiberglass pole and 2 short tent pegs/pins about 200 mm (7-8 inches) long for each GBI

The skirts are 10 feet high and the Dove kites are approximately 1.4M (4.5 feet) across with 3 M tails (almost 10 feet).

WIND RANGE: GBI's fly best in 0-15 MPH

Ground Based Installations

Kites and Skirted Banners combine to give an unique effect for ground display

GBI and Skirts have been available for a while, but rarely seen due to the last few years travel restrictions.

Color options will be available. All kits must be ordered in advance.

GBI Doves are a single color that makes a big statement. The kites can be flown separately, or attached to a Skirted Banner Pole to make a Ground Based Art Installation. Best displayed in groups of at least three. All kits are priced singly.

Participants will supply a 13 foot B'n'M Black Widow Crappie Rod, dowel or fiberglass pole and 2 short tent pegs for each GBI kit.

Robert will supply kits including all materials for the kites and the skirts. All panels will be either pre-cut and marked or oversized and sprayed where appropriate.

The skirts are 10 feet high and the Dove kites are approximately 1.4M (4.5 feet) across with 3 M tails (almost 10 feet).

Color options available

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Basic sewing needs are required. A functioning sewing machine ready for use is essential. Double sided tape, Super 77 3M spray adhesive (provided for class use), Pencils, scissors etc.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 12/1/2022

Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: If any color choice.....color choices are selected at time of registration. Robert Brasington has MANY colors.

KIT PRICE: Doves are $80 Ausd per single kite and Skirt Kit

The skirts are 10 feet high and the Dove kites are approximately 1.4M (4.5 feet) across with 3 M tails (almost 10 feet).

POLES, PINS AND POSTS WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED within the class workshop materials

NOTE. The poles need to be secured by the participants before the workshop (ideally) We will also need 15-20mm dowel x 500mm long for the supporting post. Some may prefer ridged fiberglass poles Two short tent pegs/pins about 200mm long will be needed per Skirt