Darryl Waters Cutaway Applique 101

Cutaway Applique 101

Presented by Darryl Waters, Zeeland, MI


Sleds fly in a wide variety of winds


Half Day Project

Friday Night Project


Offered Once


Sled is 20 inches high, and has a 3 foot organza tail


Sew Project


Class Size - 10?


All Skill Levels

Description -- A two part class assembling a great sled kite with an Organza tail. Each session can be enrolled in independently.

Cutaway Applique 101

Pocket Sled

Cutaway Applique 101

Learn the basic concepts of applique on a panel that can be used for a sled. Concepts discussed will include:

  • Selecting a design

  • Layering fabric colors

  • Adhesive methods

  • Techniques for corners

  • Techniques for circles

  • Opps correction techniques

Description: This class will be divided into 2 main parts. The first part is instructional with demonstrations, and hands on learning. The purpose is to help novice sewers learn a few new skills and tricks to creating kite graphics using cut-away applique. This part will cover topics such as fabric layering, adhesives, techniques, and what to do when things go wrong. Students will then be able to create their own basic design, and make a panel that is the right size for the pocket sled. The kit will contain fabric for 2 colors for the applique, plus black for the outlining.

The second part of the class will be the actual assembly of the pocket sled. This sled is originally based on the Buck Childers design with some modifications of my own to make for easier assembly. The sewing is all straight lines with no tricky curves. One of the key concepts for students to learn is the mysteries of the burrito roll so all the hems end up on the inside of the pocket. The finished kite is approximately 20 inches tall with an additional 3 foot Organza tail.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors, fabric marking pencil

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/31/2021

COLOR CHOICE: Class will have a selection of colors! Kits will have two colors plus black

KIT PRICE: Project is $25 US