Walter Corsetti

Bolton, Ontario Canada

Walter is the current president of the Toronto Kite Fliers (TKF), one of the most active kite clubs in Canada. Having only started kite making and flying as a serious hobby five years ago, Walter has quickly graduated to running and leading kite making classes for TKF club. Some of Walter previous class project includes the Cee Wan pointer kite, with the help of Kevin Reynolds, Bernhard Dingwerth inflatable Maple Leaf and just recently the Dick Toonen drum kite. Walter most of all enjoys spending time with the many new friends he’s made within the kite community, but also enjoys and tries to fly as many as possible or as many as the field will permit, of his home-made ghost delta kites (12), and his home-made ground displays of lady bugs (27) or minions (14). .

Walter is also a giant soap bubble aficionado, so when there is no wind you will find Walter, his lovely wife Maria and other aficionado’s playing with his “Mad Scientist” bubble concoctions

Previous classes: TFK Workshops---Cee Wan Pointer, Bernhard Dingwerth Inflatable Maple Leaf, Dick Toonen Drumbox Kite