Cat Gabrel Beaded Feathers

Beaded Feathers

Presented by Cat Gabrel, Stillwater, OK


Project flies best in 0-100 MPH


Feathers can be any size you want to make them. Cat will work with you to make your unique template


Offered Once


Half Day Project


No Sew Project


Class Size - 20


All Skill Levels

Feathers by Cat

These are small to medium size feathers that can easily be attached to lanyards, hats, bags, etc. “Feathers” are frequently given as gifts or tokens of friendship.

I started making and giving away feathers at the AKA National Convention some 14 years ago and never stopped. It is an ice breaker for me, a reason to go and introduce myself to people I’ve never met or have not seen for some time. These exchanges create lots of memories for me. Anytime I looked any of the name tags or lanyards from such events I see many such gifts and each reminds me of the person who gave it and the conversations we had.

In this workshop, I will teach the method I use to make feathers. There is no sewing. You will be cutting out the double-layered ripstop feathers with a soldering iron. I will bring several extra soldering irons or you can bring your own. You will attach a lobster clasp to each feather and use a variety of beads to decorate each one.

Feathers are generally in the shape of bird feathers but I have also seen a lot of innovative shapes, such as “Charlie Brown” kites, banners, etc.

Different Feather templates will be available for your use. I am also encouraging you to bring your own ‘feather design’ and we can make you your own unique template.

This is a craft project. You will be using a soldering iron/hot knife to cut the feathers. You will need to be able to put thread through bead holes and tie simple over hand and larks head knots

Each Feather will be unique.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- We will be using a light table in class and will have soldering irons for you to borrow. A freestanding magnifying glass is optional and additional lighting for stringing small beads, if desired, can be brought. Please bring scissors and a cutting mat to work on. Cutting mats help prevent lost beads. If you would like a particular fabric or bead, please bring your favorites to make and decorate your feathers with.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/04/2019

NO Extra kits available--Technique driven class. Please attend.

COLOR CHOICE: If any color choice.....color choices are selected in class.

KIT PRICE: Project is $5 US. You will get enough materials to make 5-10 feathers.