Cat Gabrel Gypsy Kite

Gypsy Dragon Kite

Presented by Cat Gabrel, Stillwater, OK


Gypsy Kite flies best in 4-18 MPH

Skills learned: Cutting out paper skins, using break away knives, folding, simple knot tying, simple bamboo shaping, using a glue stick.


Gypsy Kite is 9 inches high, 10 inches wide with an 18 foot tail


Offered Once


Half Day Project


No Sew Project


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels

This is a small Dragon kite made of paper and bamboo. The Gypsy kite is a mini dragon kite, designed by Tulsa’s Kite Gypsy, E.W. Redmond.

It is called a Gypsy kite, possibly because it was his signature kite. EW would sell these kites, with a winder, at a “Self Service - kite stand” he would set up in the area Park or near his home in downtown Tulsa.

This project lets you learn how to fold and dip tissue paper to get a unique "bleeding art" effect. I always come away with beautiful skins for minis and small kites.

We will also be practicing some of the basics of bending and shaping matchstick bamboo for the frame.

You will learn folding and dipping techniques to create your own unique art designs. Everyone will get plenty of tissue paper to make lots of kites and play with different folding and dipping techniques.

There will be plenty of bamboo available to make as many of these kites that you want to make. Go home with a whole quiver of new kites.

It’s a great flying kite and the 18-foot long crepe paper tail makes it look bigger in the sky.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- scissors, breakaway blade/xacto knife, newspapers, two flat pieces of cardboard approximately 12"X12" to help press the dyed tissue paper flat after it has dried, an 11 x 17” cutting mat with grid is helpful but not necessary to have.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/04/2019

NO Extra kits available--Technique driven class. Please attend.

COLOR CHOICE: Lots of tissue color choices are available at class

KIT PRICE: Project is $7 US