Chris Hanson Dunton Taylor Box Delta

Dunton Taylor Box Delta Presented by Chris Hanson, Bellingham, WA

Original kite developed by Alex Dunton, updated by his son Charlie Dunton based on a modified version of Hod Taylor's Delta-Conyne


Offered Once


Dunton Taylor Box Delta is 31 inches high, 68 inches wide


Full Day Project


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels


Sew Project


Dunton Taylor Box Delta flies best in light winds up to 18 MPH

The kite is famous for how quickly it climbs altitude and its high flying angle. The carbon spreader allows the kite to "hunker down" and fly in high winds also.

This is a high flying boxed delta. It has been simplified to make it easier for beginning kite builders to complete. Chris will be including custom 3D printed parts as well as a simple sewing guide for making straight seams.

Chris has geared the class for the beginning kite makers. He will be stressing basic preparation and sewing techniques for getting those tidy edges and perfect seams.

A great beginning kite with exciting options for the experienced kite builder, or festival organizer.

Plan on making several to run competitions for Fast Climb Heats at area festivals.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Basic sewing machine and supplies. A good straight edge, fabric glue and hot cutting tool are handy, but can be borrowed from me or other students.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/04/2019

Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

Extra Kits will include all necessary fabric, spars, reinforcements and written instructions

COLOR CHOICE: Colors will be chosen in class. Assorted colors with black centers and edging.

KIT PRICE: Project is $45 US with everything.

ADDITIONAL KITS: Extra Kits (no ripstop, edging or dowels) for $30 for experienced kite makers who want to build one at home, or for class participants that want to build a set for festival events (Fast Climb Competition!)