Debbie Von Bokern Ringelschlange or Ring Snake

Ringelschlange or Ring Snake

Presented by Debbie Von Bokern, Covington, KY


Half Day Project


Offered Once


Project can be several sizes. Plans are provided!


Project is line

laundry and can

fly in a wide

variety of winds


Sew Project at home! You may also sew some examples in class!


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels

Description The Ringelschlange or Ring Snake is a rotating, undulating and mesmerizing piece of line laundry. It can slither on your kite line or banner pole. It was created by Bernd Knupfer from Bremen, Germany. He published his pattern in German in the summer of ‘92.

The Ring Snake is a simple sewing project (very good to build up sewing skills for the person new to sewing ripstop nylon). There are just a LOT OF REPETITIVE PARTS; which is why we will go through and cover all of the building, designing, decorating and bridling information so that you may take your time hemming, sewing, decorating and bridling with confidence when you return home from U-MAKE. We will share techniques on pattern making, color choices, painting, and appliqué. We’ll talk about the tricks that we like to use to make things easier. You will have time to make mock–ups or at least make a head, tail, a few body parts and learn the knots for the bridling.

The snake can be made from a single color of fabric or multiple colors (great for cleaning out your scrap bag). The fabric can be decorated with Design Master Paints or appliqué.

The snake is made from 36, 40 or 44 trapezoidal body pieces, a 2 part tail piece and a 4 part head with eyes (slit eyes are for poisonous snakes and round eyes friendlier ones).

The snake will spin in either a circular or undulating motion, one side of the body cell is longer than the other; the long side on the outside allows for a circular spin and on the inside of the snake gives you an undulating motion. To change the mode, pull the bridle lines through the center of the snake, straighten out the bridle lines and attach the swivel to your kite or a pole.

Click the link below to see the Ringelschlange or Ring Snake in action!

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class --

  • Paper or card stock to make templates on.

  • Your sewing machine and supplies if you would like to sew a mock up or sample to take home.

  • A ball point pen that is out of ink to use to pre-crease the hem lines and a see through ruler to mark them with.

  • Colored fabric markers.

  • Fabric for mock-ups or snake, 3-4 yards for entire project. Head, 4 pieces@ 7” x 26” or one @ 26” x 26”, body and tail 4 1/8”- 5” x 26”, one tail and many body cells 36, 40 or 44.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 02/03/2017 Extra kits available to any 2017 U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: Anything you want! You provide your own fabric, paints, markers! In class we will be making templates and learning assembly steps.

KIT PRICE: Project is $10 US