Tyro Colors

Tyro Color Choice

You can choose 1 to 3 colors using all original ICAREX PC31 (Rectangle) or the all new ICAREX Fabric (Double Square), or combine the two. Also, keep in mind you can flip the panels to change the layout. NOTE: some colors are in limited quantity. You can select combination 1, 2, 3 or 4, or select a custom color combination for your Tyro.

For your convenience we have a paint program to build your color combination for your Tyro.

NOTE: Remember that computers cannot accurately show true colors.


    • Teal

    • Black

    • Purple--the same purple they have now

    • Red

    • Grape--a true purple

    • Sky Blue--light blue

    • Mint--a pale green (discontinued)

    • Florescent Pink

    • Gold

    • Yellow

    • Orange

    • Florescent Green


  • White

  • Florescent Pink

  • Royal Blue

  • Red

  • Midnight--a very dark navy blue

  • Yellow

  • Florescent Yellow

  • Berry--a dark purplish red like wine (Discontinued)

  • Rose--a very pale pink (Discontinued)

  • Cedar--a dark green

Click HERE for the downloadable bitmap you can color in your paint program to imagine your Tyro colors.

Click above HERE icon to access program.

Open program in Paint.

PAINT PROGRAM Instructions

Select Eyedroper to pick color

Select Paint Bucket to apply color to section