Linda Sanders Aussie Birds (Full Size)

Aussie Birds (Full Size)

Presented by Linda Sanders, Willunga, South Australia


Time dependent on banner selected....either one or two days...if you want to complete your project under Linda Sanders tutelage, sign up for BOTH Saturday and Sunday.


Offered both Saturday and Sunday....enroll for one day (either Saturday or Sunday, or enroll for BOTH for a double helping of Linda!


Full Size Project Banner is 14' 6" high, 2' 6" wide

Fits a 16 foot banner pole (pole not included)


Project flys best in daylight, any wind


Bring BLACK and YELLOW thread to the workshop.

The yellow thread is for the spine on the leaves. All other work is black thread.


Sew Project


Class Size - 20


All Skill Levels

Join Linda as she launches her new series---Australian Wildlife! This is her first banners in her new commercial series. U-MAKE yours NOW! Linda will offer a full size banner.

Full Size Project Banner is 14' 6" high, 2' 6" wide

Fits a 16 foot banner pole (pole not included)

Linda Sanders' workshop will introduce you (or re-introduce you if you took her 2015 class) to her technique of inlaid appliqué. You will be working with 200 denier banner nylon, a heavy weight color fast fabric with deep rich colors that last. This fabric also boasts a special "Quiet" feature, allowing banners to be placed anywhere. This technique involves no back-cutting, and no fraying. Pre-cut fabric pieces will be assembled using the supplied paper pattern (reusable?) then hot-welded together with your own hot-dot-iron. (A soldering iron, HOT, with a biro-style point.) The stitch used for all the banner sewing will be zig-zag, 4mm / less than ¼” wide.

Choose from Crimson Rosella or Adelaide Plains Rosella. Can't choose? Order them BOTH!

Bring a properly sized banner pole for our


Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread (BLACK and YELLOW for the Rosella's), ripper, scissors, regular sewing supplies including a marking pencil which is visible on green fabric, and a cigarette lighter to seal threads. Anyone with a light table may bring it, plus your own pole to fit (for group photo afterwards). Also needed is a hot-dot-iron (a soldering iron with a point-style point) and an extension cord. Several sheets of thick cardstock or poster board and clear packing tape to join them will aid you in having a smooth surface to hot weld on.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 12/24/2017

Extra kits available to any 2018 U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: Full Size Banner Project is offered in two designs.

KIT PRICE: Full Size Banner Project -- Crimson Rosella or Adelaide Plains Rosella -- is $230 US