Lindsey Johnson & Ronda Brewer Fortuna Falena Fantasma

Presented by Lindsey Johnson & Ronda Brewer, Lincoln City, OR

Fortuna Falena Fantasma

Pronounced forˈtuna faˈle na fanˈ


The Fortuna Falena Fantasm will display in most wind conditions up to 20 MPH.

They also adjust to wind direction.


Offered Once


The Fortuna Falena Fantasma winged portion is approximately 16 inches high, 24 inches wide and has a 50" organza tail


Half Day Project


Sew Project


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels

The origins of the Fortuna “Falena” Fantasma by Lindsey Johnson and Nic O'Neill

The Falena, Italian for moth, was a collaborative design project between Nic O'Neill and Lindsey Johnson. From a pile of Tyvek scraps left over from cutting out Rokkaku Kite sails, came the idea of a ground display, one that was sketched on the backside of a paper napkin, at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival in July of 2016.

In a few weeks the two were building on the idea, sails were cut, the tails sewn, and fittings engineered and 3D printed.

They were working at a distance, Lindsey on the Central Oregon Coast, six hours south of Nic who lives on Widbey Island, two hours north of Seattle. Collaborating at a distance can be a challenge but Lindsey and Nic accomplished this with the help of Facebook Messenger, Text, Video and Phone.

The display was first presented on the beaches of the Lincoln City at the 2016 Fall Kite Festival, followed by a display at the AKA National Convention, the next week in Seaside, Oregon. Lindsey and Nic’s “Eclipse of Falenas” were entered in the People's Choice “Best Accessory” category where they won top honors.

The “Falena” has gone through many iterations and continues to evolve with the use of laser cut ripstop nylon fabric, painted organza tails and, of course, custom 3D printed connectors.

Lindsey and Nic are excited to share their passion for the creative and collaborative process.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to build a Falena for yourself. You will learn their quick and easy technique for sewing organza, techniques for painting on ripstop and learn how 3D printing can be used in the construction of kites and ground displays. Extra parts will be available to take home so you can construct your own Eclipse of Falenas.

Remember, your Eclipse of Falenas will self adjust to the wind making it the perfect display for festivals or backyard gardens.

Click here to see the Falenas in action!

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors and regular sewing supplies

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/04/2020

Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: You will select your wing patterns in advance. Paint colors will be chosen in the class.

KIT PRICE: Project is $30 US Pole not included.