Lindsey Johnson & Ronda Brewer So-Sew Tametomo

Presented by Lindsey Johnson & Ronda Brewer, Lincoln City, OR

So-Sew Tametomo Pronounced soʊ soʊ Tam-EE toe mo


The So-Sew Tametomo will fly best in 6 to 16 MPH

The Tametomo was a collaborative project between Lindsey and Ronda, it was developed from a basic design concept with elements from the noodle, and the edo. Lindsey designed 3D printed parts and sparred the kites. Ronda chose to use a cascading bridle to enable quick and easy flight angle adjustments.


Offered Once


The So-Sew Tametomo is 90 inches tall, 30 inches wide, with an 8 foot tail.

Total presence in the sky------just shy of 20 feet that travels in a compact 39 inch bag.


Day and a Half Project


Sew Project


Class Size - 10



This is a great class to work with a buddy as the pocket system utilizes a template for exact placement.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors, cutting mat and regular sewing supplies

What we (Lindsey & Ronda) supply:

    • 3D printed snap-on pocket system

    • Pre-cut fiberglass framing

    • Pre-cut bridles and tension lines

    • Precision construction templates

What you will need to supply:

    • You will need 3 yards of 60 inch wide ¾ oz. ripstop nylon to construct the sail and tail of your kite. Add more for other colors as needed. You are encouraged to sew the sail and tail prior to the class if you are doing any applique work. Once registered, detailed instructions will be sent out to all students.

    • 4 rolls of ⅝” wide Grosgrain ribbon for the tail extensions. Choose colors to complement your design.

    • Material to make a bag 39” long by 5” in diameter or 16” in circumference.

Students will construct a Tametomo derivative kite using, what we are calling, our “So-Sew” construction method. Part no-sew, part sewn. When completed your kite will measure approximately 30” wide by 90” long with an attached double swallow tail of approximately 8’ in length.

Prior to the workshop, class members are encouraged to design and sew the main sail to a rough dimension. Printable patterns will be provided after registering for the class.

In the workshop the student will finish sewing the kite and complete the construction using fiberglass framing, precision templates and our unique 3D printed tunable pocket system with snap fittings. The bridle utilizes a cascading technique to enable quick and easy flight angle adjustments.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 01/04/2020 Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: Since you supply the fabric, you have unlimited color and design choice.

KIT PRICE: Project is $70 US