Mitch Cordover No Sew American Fighter Kite

No Sew American Fighter Kite

Presented by Mitch Cordover, Chesterfield, MO


Half Day Project


Offered Once


American Fighter Kite has a height of 17" with a wingspan of 19.25"

Fighters do not fold or roll. They are carried flat. You may want to bring two pieces of cardboard or a large envelope carry it home.


3-12 mph as a fighter, higher with tail as a Hata

The spines for this class, made of carbon fiber flat stock, will be hand made by Bob Hegman, current AKA precision champion and number two in line touch.

Most fighters are flown from a special yo-yo real with one side slopped. I am working on a deal to supply them at cost. Yo-Yo reals will be available at class.

Fighters do not fold or roll. They are carried flat. You may want to bring two pieces of cardboard or a large envelope carry it home.


No Sew Project


Class Size - 15


Experienced Beginner and up

Description of Project: This is a very functional and versatile kite. It is modeled on a high performance competitive fighter. We've arranged it to be very tuneable to work well in different wind conditions and experience levels. It can be used for line touch battles, precision competition, or just for fun of course. With a simple tail (not included in this class) it can be flown as a Hata kite, even by a child.

We will go over many of the secrets of these superb fliers.

You will use double sided tape to create an S curve leading edge and learn a technique for setting a bow under tension without any special tools. We will go over how to keep the sail tight for better speed. You will install a spine bowing system for better adjust-ability. While we will use a metal tensioner, you will learn the two bead system, useful for this or future projects like bowed kites that need a tensioner. An easy-to-built 4 point bridal is part of the project and is far simpler than the standard cascading bridal. Two excellent new knots and a different system for adjusting the front of the bridal are also among the techniques we will use.

I have flown and competed successfully with this kind of kite. I'm very keen to promote fighter kites and I've developed these techniques to make it easy for you to build your own kites at home. The class manual will include a full size template.

The kit includes the manual, all of the cut pieces of Icarex P31, carbon fiber spine, bow and batons, pre-cut and marked double sided tape, tensioner and other small bits, various beads for stoppers and pulleys, cut lines for bridal, and spine tensioner.

I'll also supply masking tape, an acrylic cutting/working board or each, wax paper, a spray bottle, #11 scalpels and sundry.

The spines in this kit will be hand made by Bob Hegman, current AKA precision champion and number two in line touch. They are made of readily available carbon fiber flat stock so you can build more of them at home.

If you build with efficiency and dispatch, you will easily finish in this half day class.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- scissors, full size shears. Not little snips,

a razor knife with a new blade, or a fresh snap blade utility knife, marking pencil,

12" straight edge...i.e. a steel ruler to cut along, a large needle or hole maker. I'll have some but if you don't like to wait your turn...a good tweezers, longer is better for handling tape without touching it, a needle threader or two (they break) to pull the lines through small holes in the spine, a burnisher. You will use it to press flat pieces but also to tuck taped fabric close to the spine. Something with a good edge (or a thumbnail if it's long) to start picking apart double sided tape.

This year, our Fighter design won the Kite Makers Competition at the AKA Grand Nationals 2017 in the Fighter Kite category.

Bob Hegman, partner in this project, won the demanding Fighter Kite Skills competition flying our kite, shown here. Remember, Bob is crafting all of our fighter spines.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 1/20/2017 No extra kits available. Mitch will offer extra manuals and templates for those attending U-MAKE 2017.

COLOR CHOICE: The American Fighter Kite is made of high quality Icarex P31. Participants may choose between two solid color sails, Yellow, or Teal. There are 5 additional pieces on the kite (the leading edge stiffener, nose guard, wing tips, front bridle hole patches and, if you like, a tail patch) that can be a different color if you like. The reinforcement colors are Yellow, Teal, or Orange. You may choose to have them be the same color as the sail, or choose a contrasting color.

KIT PRICE: Project is $25 US