Phil Broder Ice Crystal

Presented by Phil Broder, Lewisberry, PA

Ice Crystal


Full Day Project


Offered Once


Class Size - 15


All Skill Levels


Sew Project


Ice Crystal -- just under 6 foot by 6 foot cell


12+ mph

Project uses

Mirai Ripstop Nylon

Description: The Ice Crystal is a high wind cellular kite originally designed by England's Carl Robertshaw, then modified by Germany's Armin Krauß .

Although the kite is almost 6' from tip to tip, this version breaks down to a 3' size to make it packable.

There are six "blades" around the kite's equator, and two "hex blades" -- made up of three of the regular blades stitched together -- pointing north and south. The adjustable bridle runs from the tip of the north hex blade to the central hub. You can chose a different color for the blades and the hex blades, or have a solid color Ice Crystal. The kite is framed with pultruded carbon tubes, with fiberglass reinforcing plugs, and a three-piece fiberglass hoop joining the blades.

This is the kite to pull out when the wind is really blowing; it's low end is about 12mph, and it will fly better as the wind gets stronger. While not a tumbling kite, it does require some attention, as it likes to dip and dive a little bit.

Although there are no particularly advanced skills required to build this kite, it does require quite a bit of repetition. Your sewing machine should be in good working order, and be ready to get right to work on the sewing.

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors and regular sewing supplies

KIT PRICE: Project is $105 US for all parts and fabric.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 2/3/2017 Extra kits available to any 2017 U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: Kits include pre cut panels (up to 2 colors--one for the 6 "blades" and a second choice for the "hex blades" and all necessary spars and accessories to build your Ice Crystal. Color choice will be for any color of Miria .75 oz Ripstop Nylon. Remember, computers do not reflect exact colors! See color choices to the side.