Robert Brasington Genki

SORRY Class is filled, extra kits available to make at home!


Presented by Robert Brasington, Tasmania, Australia


The Genki flies best in light to medium winds


Day and a Half Project


Offered Once


The Genki is 3M across (10 feet) with an 11M (36 feet) tail assembly


Class Size - 20


All Skill Levels


Sew Project

The Genki is a thin version of the standard Genki from the 1980s. It is inherently a very stable platform. This version has no keels which enables clean uninterrupted designs. It is using a double dihedral to give the stability. The kite is best in light to medium winds.

The technique to produce the panels is vastly different to normal relief applique. Large coloured panels are assembled with the use of template boards and datum points. These are fully sewn and transferred onto the final body panel. It is a useful and innovative technique to produce larger than normal sheets of colour(s) that can be easily used elsewhere.

The Genki is a unique platform using a double dihedral to give stability in a wide range of winds. It is best in light to medium wind conditions. As with the Stealth Delta, we will be using the large panel transplant technique to achieve the finished kite

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- All fabric/spar materials are supplied. Simple kitemaking skills are required. A functioning sewing machine is essential, as well as basic sewing tools and black thread.

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 12/24/2018

Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

Extra Kits will include all necessary fabric, spars, reinforcements and written instructions

COLOR CHOICE: Robert Brasington has over a 100 colors and he is happy to use them. Participants can choose 1-5 custom colors or a standard color scheme. Robert Brasington will arrange the selected colors for best sky impact.

KIT PRICE: Genki is $140-$160 US (pricing in a fluctuating world currency, we will let you know what exact US price a week before U-MAKE)