Design Your Own Feather Banner(s)

Design Your Own Feather Banner

Presented by Linda Sanders Willunga, South Australia

Linda Sanders Design Your Own Banner

Linda began working with 200 denier flag nylon in 2000, after deciding that banners made out of kite ripstop creased far too easily, were extremely noisy, and faded FAST!

Her method is “inlaid applique” - a similar technique used in leadlight glass artistry, where each coloured piece is hotcut then inlaid into the background (also pre-cut).

Applying zigzag seams to the overlap produces the characteristic outline shadow around each coloured piece.

NO back-cutting, NO double-sided tape, and fabric which has “give” so even tiny mistakes can be swiftly corrected!

Each kit comes complete with paper pattern (reusable), pre-cut pieces, sleeving, top cap and full instructions (you’ll bring your pole with you for the final reveal).

TYPE OF CLASS: Sew Project


SKILL LEVEL: All Skill Levels


Full Day Project


Offered Once


Full size-- 14'2" x 2'6" for anyone wanting to match up to existing made-before banners.

WIND RANGE: Banners work in ANY wind conditions!


Work with Linda by email to have her design your own custom banner! Participants will be able to approve the design/price before class. Linda will cut your banner for you to assemble either in class or at home!

Supplies/Equipment Needed for class -- Sewing Machine, thread, ripper, scissors and regular sewing supplies is typical of sewing classes

Also needed will be a hot-dot tool and its holder (it gets hot!) AND a few sheets of cardboard, poster paper, or layers of newspapers to protect the work tables. For this project straight pins work fine!

KIT ORDER CUT OFF: by 12/1/2022 Extra kits available to any current U-MAKE Registrant

COLOR CHOICE: If any color choice.....color choices are selected at time of registration (see display photos)

KIT PRICES: Full Size Feather Banners (14'2" x 2'6") start at $250 each and goes up depending on design


Mini Downunder Dots $105 per set (Sunday)

  • M2023 Set A (Navy/Aqua/FMY) 39.5" X 10" (Set of three (3)

  • M2023 Set B (Lilac/Peacock/Pansy) 39.5" X 10" (Set of three (3)

Workshop Size Banners $90 each (Saturday)

  • W2023 Navy 9'3" x 1'8"

  • W2023 Intern'l Orange 9'3" x 1'8"

  • W2023 FMY 9'3" x 1'8"

  • W2023 Lilac 9'3" x 1'8"

  • W2023 Peacock 9'3" x 1'8"

  • W2023 Pansy 9'3" x 1'8"

Full Size Downunder Dot Banners $185 each (Saturday)

  • F2023 Navy 14'2" x 2'6"

  • F2023 Aqua 14'2" x 2'6"

  • F2023 Dartmouth 14'2" x 2'6"

  • F2023 Lilac 14'2" x 2'6"

  • F2023 Peacock 14'2" x 2'6"

  • F2023 Pansy 14'2" x 2'6"

Full Size Downunder Dot Banners Personalized with Name(s) starting @ $220 each dependent on number of letters in one/two names Participant approval before before kit will be cut. (Saturday)

  • P2023 Navy 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization)

  • P2023 Aqua 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization)

  • P2023 Dartmouth 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization)

  • P2023 Lilac 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization)

  • P2023 Peacock 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization

  • P2023 Pansy 14'2" x 2'6" (Name Personalization).

Full Size Design Your Own Banner starting @ $250 each ANY COLOR/ANY DESIGN Total cost will depend on the intricacy of the design work. Participant approval before kit will be cut. (Either Saturday, Sunday, or both Saturday and Sunday)

  • D2023 DesignYourOwn 14'2" x 2'6"