Teacher Application

For full registration we ask each of our instructors to either teach 2 half day on your own (approx 2 ½ - 4 hour class depending on Morning or Afternoon classes), or one full day (8 hour) class. Some projects may need even more time than one day, and can extend to 12 hours (a day and a half) or even 14 hours (all day both Saturday and Sunday) or the entire weekend (start Friday evening, finish Sunday).  We even have a few hours Friday night.  We will try to schedule around the needs for your project.

If you want to teach just one half day class, we can offer registration half off! Or if you co-teach with a friend for a full day class that means each get ½ registration free.      

Either way is a great way to have fun at U-MAKE!  

Teacher Instructions and Application Form


We eagerly await your application to teach at U-MAKE. Each year we need about 12 teachers presenting a great mix of sew and no sew classes. 

The mix is hard! We may have a great class idea from a fantastic teacher, but it may be similar to another class we have committed to, or maybe we can't afford total travel reimbursement and we may be hesitant to ask you to come play without more reimbursement. Let us know! 

We also ask that we be allowed to keep all applications on file for up to three years. Our goal is to always beat last year's attendance and fun! 


Teachers, we can offer a free registration (food and lodging from Friday evening until Sunday at 4PM) to U-MAKE, and the best time we can provide!




Thank you for submitting an application! Remember we are trying to balance a great mix of classes for each year.  We respectfully ask that we keep all class applications on file for three years.  Please complete the form and email to us.  Thanks!   


U-MAKE   info@u-make.org