How can I get experience in kitebuilding?

Attend any local workshops if they are available.  Attend any regional workshops, including U-MAKE.  Don't delay.  Attend.    If workshops are not available locally, there are many projects and instructions are available online..

These are some of the pages we recommend:  (Click on below links to follow)

Gary Engvall's Kite Site   Kite Sewing 101 - AKA Convention 2002  Everything you need to know to sew kites from ripstop nylon

More Kite info can be found at Fortuna Found--including some tutorials

Fortuna Found has these resources, a simple sled kite, and lots of virtual classes!

NOTE:  Kite Builder (first three links) is currently down.

The perfect beginning!  Della Porta  Plans and Instructions by Arnold Stellman   

Here are other plans...

Once started, Kite Builder offers 6 other kite plans and detail instructions.  Consider the Star Facet, Lil Genki, Delta Conyne, Achtkant Train or Fled kites