Free Medical ID Cards and Emergency Information

This is a link for a FREE printable Medical ID Card. They fit into any wallet and are great for emergencies. They will fit into our U-MAKE name badges easily, securely and privately. Please consider updating your Medical ID card today so you will be traveling with a current card.

Looking forward to another safe and fun year!

For any after-hours emergencies or concerns, contact your U-MAKE coordinator. Phone numbers are posted by all fire extinguishers, as well as other procedures for fire or medical emergencies.

We try to think of all aspects of your enjoyment, comfort and safety at U-MAKE, and although we have been fortunate enough that we have not had any medical emergency, we have tried to think of ways to avoid any.

We ask that everyone also please make and carry a medical alert card behind their U-MAKE badge. You can easily make these cards from the website below.

A first aid kit (band aids, etc.) is located near all fire extinguishers. In your U-MAKE Registration packet you will have an Emergency list containing information like Taft’s address, nearest hospital, and standard campus procedures for fire and severe weather.