What is lodging like?

But we don't come for the sleeping arrangements, we come for the camaraderie of fellow kite flyers and kite makers and the projects!

All beds are the lower of twin bunks. Please use the upper bunk to store your kite projects. Taft provides us with two flat sheets, a pillow case and a medium weight blanket for your bunk bed. We also are given two bath towels, a wash cloth and a bar of soap. Taft has PLENTY of hot water, no matter when you choose to shower. If you would rather, many bring either a fitted sheet, or simply a sleeping bag to unroll on the mattress.

Dorms consist of North and South Clarkson (only dorms that are handicap accessible so you can save some steps for the weekend!), Heckman, and Grover.

Dorms available will be decided by Taft a week before U-MAKE.

Taft Campus offers dorm housing. That means no private rooms or baths!

Instructors are offered preferential lodging.

Rooms vary from 5 to 15 beds.