What will U-MAKE cost?

Cost of the 2024 retreat ($200) will include:

* Project Kits will be available for each class. These are a separate cost in addition to the registration.  Depending on the class you may be able to order kits from classes you do not enroll for, as long as you are a paid registrant for that year.   

Conference fees will reserve a spot at the retreat.  You will be able to enroll in a single class per time period.  Classes offered will range from half day classes to more advanced classes.  You can observe, ask questions, or purchase a kit from one of the instructors and make it from any class you are enrolled in.  Kit prices will be listed in a price range on your registration form. That does not mean that we have some “deluxe” kits available. All kits will contain pre-cut fabric, and needed supplies (except thread). Some items, like glue, will be available for classroom use, but not included in the kit. Final prices will be announced before class.

Maybe a better question is what will it cost if you DON'T go.........