Mrs Kitelady & Video Knowledge

Below are links to Mrs. Kitelady's video knowledge!  AKA Donna Schenk!

These are beginning videos that Donna Schenk, Mrs. Kitelady, has made to share basic beginning kite making. 

 Technique Book Handout 

Mrs. Kitelady Intro Video (5.28)

Tools (Pick and choose from LOTS!  (56.23)

Basic Sewing for Kitebuilding (5 parts)

 Part 1 of 5  Thread Choice (14.30)

 Part 2 of 5  Threading the Sewing Machine (20.25)

 Part 3 of 5  Starting to Sew (10.49)

 Part 4 of 5  Balancing Tension (12.48) Handout

 Part 5 of 5 Tension Problem Solving (17.25)

Below are links to things that happened at U-MAKE that EVERYONE should have a chance to view!

Fortuna Found (2021) Virtual Conference

Fortuna Found YouTube Channel 

Fortuna Found Workshop Page

Scott Hampton (2018)  Paint the Sky!

Painting The Sky - Creating Effects on Ripstop by Scott Hampton 

Painting The Sky - Spraying Techniques Outdoors 

Painting The Sky - Scott Hampton Powerpoint Presentation

Linda Sanders (2018)  Design Made Easy!

Design Made Easy

Ron Gibian (2017) 

U-MAKE 2017 Ron Gibian