U-MAKE Kite Builder Mentorship Program

U-MAKE Kite Builder Mentorship Program is a free registration to a young person (16-21 years old) to attend U-MAKE.

  • Must be interested in learning to make kites!

  • Free Registration to Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event

  • Preferred Enrollment (Winner may enroll BEFORE any returning participants, ensuring their choice of classes.)

  • Free or reduced kits

  • Must have written parental permission if under 18 years old and parent not attending.

  • Transportation is not included (but we may find someone you can ride with!)

  • Does not have to have own sewing machine---we can get a loaner for the weekend! Or we have great No Sew Classes!

NOMINATIONS--Please email us and we will forward your nomination to our Mentorship Committee. Include the name, age and address of your nominee, and include any reasons this nominee should be chosen! Be specific!