Will U-MAKE have a Raffle?

Raffle Tags Please fill out a tag for each item donated!

Yes! We actually have two! Our main Raffle pays for our travel budget for the next year's instructors! Tickets for Raffle Madness are 2 for $1, but to encourage buying lots, the more you buy, the more extra tickets we will slip into your packet. Raffle proceeds will first go to pay any deficits that conference fees do not cover, and then go towards next year’s Event. We would love to accept your donation of a nice kite, kite book, or kite item, or accept your money for your chance to take home the nice kites, books, or kite items. For each item donated please fill out an index card for tracking with the description of item, donor's name, and any extra info we would need to appreciate the item.

The second Raffle is Sunday Noon and funds for our Mentorship Scholarships.