What is the weather like?

The campus consists of the Dining Room (Harrison), the Dorms (Heckman, Clarkson North, Clarkson South and Grover) and the classrooms (Blackhawk, Eagle's Nest, Poley, Science Lab, Hillside and Rockview).

All of them are within an easy walk, although with the weekend's time constraints, you may want to plan your trips when you are carrying supplies and equipment.

The classrooms and dorms are usually warm, but we do need to travel between dorms, class rooms and the dining room. The campus is on wooded acreage, so there isn't much wind, and all paths on the campus are concrete.

Oregon, Illinois averages temperatures in February with a low of 16 with an average high of 33 degrees Fahrenheit. March warms up with lows averaging 26 with a high average of 46 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it is cold! And if snow is on the ground, it is going to be there for a while!