I want to come but I have never made a kite before....

If you are sewing....check to see if you can borrow a sewing machine. Ask someone for ripstop scraps to practice. There are actually very few stitches that you have to have for a kite....straight, back stitch, and zigzag. And some kitemakers get along with straight stitches only.

If you are taking a no sew class....buy a good pair of paper scissors. That will be your starting point.

Workshops are great because ALL (or most of) YOUR SUPPLIES ARE PROVIDED FOR YOU. This is the best way to start, without having to make patterns, order fabric, sticks, connectors, etc.

If workshops are not available locally, there are many projects and instructions are available online.

If you want to make a kite, attend any local workshops if they are available. Attend any regional workshops, including U-MAKE. Don't delay. Attend.