Wind Serpent

Wind Serpent  

Presented by Paul Fieber  Madison, WI

TYPE OF CLASS:   Sew Project 

SKILL LEVEL:  All Skill Levels 

CLASS SIZE:  Class Size - 10  

 TIMES OFFERED:  Offered Once

SIZE OF PROJECT: Project is 6 inches high, 11 feet long  

WIND RANGE: Wind Serpent will fly in any winds!

KIT PRICE:  Wind Serpent is $25 US    Pole not included--can be either 13 foot or taller

Paul Fieber Wind Serpent


One of the best beginning projects around!

Join Paul in making his Wind Serpent!  It is a great wind toy to fly on a banner pole and wonderful to add whimsical tails to any kite.

This project allows much creativity in designing your Wind Serpent's face and gives participants strong habits for beginning sewing to turn out a great project!

The wind serpent is about 6” x 11 feet and flies on a small pole (13’-16’).  This class will make one serpent, but it’s best flown in a group of at least five or six, or more.  So, there will be “homework” if you want a good size serpent family.

In making the serpent, students will learn techniques for making transition tails, doing reverse applique and will have enough hemming to sharpen any beginner’s sewing skills. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Students should bring basic sewing supplies and a well-tuned machine, including size 80/12 needles, good quality black and white thread, and applique scissors.