Chris Hanson

Chris HansonBellingham, WA

Chris Hanson hails from Bellingham, a beautiful college town in northwest Washington State. He can usually be found flying kites in the smooth winds off Bellingham Bay.

Chris was introduced to kite making by the late Ron Button nine years ago. Starting with Tyvek and wood dowels, he made sleds and simple box kites. Ron bugged him until he got a sewing machine and started working with ripstop. He hasn’t slowed down since.

Chris Hanson is highly recommended as an instructor by Grant Lovett. Grant was able to see one of Chris' classes in progress at OKR, and was impressed on the organization and cool jigs/applications that Chris uses in the classroom. Don't miss this opportunity!

“I really enjoy all three phases of kite making: The design process, the creation process, and of course, the flying. I can always justify the costs of materials by comparing it to the cost of therapy!”

Three years ago he bought a 3D printer and started making kite fittings. It has really eliminated the restrictions of existing kite fittings. If you need a 137 degree dihedral for a special kite, it can be printed. If you need a flexible fitting that can be sewn directly onto ripstop, it can be printed. He got the high structure score at the 2016 AKA Nationals for his 3D printed fittings.

“I try to go to multiple kiting events every year. I’ve been going to WSIKF at Long Beach since 2010, as well as the last two AKA Nationals. I’ve also been to the Berkeley Kite Festival, the Huntington Beach Kite Party, and the Vancouver BC Pacific Rim Kite Festival.”

In 2017, Chris went to Vietnam with his wife. Venturing outside of Hanoi, he located a village that claims a 1000 year old kite making tradition. You can read about the adventure in the Summer 2017 edition of AKA Kiting magazine.

Chris enjoys kite making competitions, winning multiple blue ribbons at WSIKF, and two first place medals at AKA Nationals.

“There always seems to be a big burst of energy and creativity when I come home from competitions. That’s when my best kite designs happen.”

Previous classes:

Chris has taught at Fort Worden in 2015, and at the Oregon Kitemaker’s Retreat in 2017. He also does kid’s kite making at the Bellingham Makerspace.