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I am sure it started for me in the same way as for many of you, by flying store-bought kites. But then I wanted something more and I bought a very old used Singer sewing machine and began building kites of my own designs. It seemed that each new kite I made was bigger than the last and in 1986 I built a 20-foot wide delta shaped kite. On its first flight I felt its mighty power and stability and immediately thought the next step in my kite career should be to figure out a way to lift my camera with that kite. So in 1987 I made my first kite aerial photos and have been hooked by the art form ever since. I have had my kite aerial photography published in many Magazines such as Popular Photography, Outside, Smithsonian Air and Space, Sailing World, and Wisconsin Trails, many travel brochures and in the Wall Street Journal.

I have also had my art wrapped around public utility boxes.

"Hanging by a Thread" and "A Little More Line" are two books of my images that were published in 2006 and 2012.

Previous classes:

· Craig has taught classes at several AKA conventions, The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, Cape Town, South Africa, Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat (MAKR), and at Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event (U-MAKE)