Dan Kurahashi

Burnaby, BC Canada

Dan Kurahashi specializes in Kite Trains

Miniature Kites ( Mini Cody, Mini Edo, Mini Birds, others) Japanese Kites (miniature and big ones) and Heat Seal Kites

Dan is a master of many things, including his vast knowledge of bamboo and heat sealing.

Please take advantage of Dan's expertise!

Kite experience: Start flying kite at age of 5 or 6, in Tokyo, these day's favour YAKKO-DAKO (Footman kite). Made few kites, and learned how to adjust bridles. Stop flying at age 17 to prepare entry exam. for University. Started to fly again 2 years later and kept flying ever since.

Joined Japan Kite Association in 1973 Attend all Japan Kite Association's kite fly and general meetings

Aug. 1976 : Immigrated to Canada to seek wider sky.

Flew kites at Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, even in snowing weather.

Dec. 1977, moved to Vancouver.

Previous classes: Founding member of Fort Worden Kitemaker's Conference, taught 29 times. Taught kite making at Junction Kite Retreat, Swindon UK (twice), Wildwood NJ, Chicago, Oregon Kitemaker's Retreat, AKA convention etc. not counting in Japan and local area.

May to June 1986: Join National Geographic Camera Team to shoot footage about Shirone Giant Kite Battle, Niigata, Japan, as coordinator and translator.

Starting member of British Columbia Kiteflyer’s Association. 1980.

B.C.K.A. Kite work shop committee


Mr. Masaaki Modegi President of Japan Kite Association.

Mrs. Valelie Govic Editor, Kitelines.

Mr. Kazuo Tamura Shirone Giant Kite Battle Association.

Prof. Tsutomu Hiroi of Tokyo Gakugei University, Principal Gakugei Elementary.

Mrs. Kay Buesing Past-Chairperson, Long Beach World Kite Museum.