Debbie Von Bokern

Debbie Von Bokern

Covington, KY

Hi I am Debbie Von Bokern, I have been addicted to making and flying kites since 1995. I am a founding member of the PIGS Aloft Kite Club (People Interested in Getting Stuff Aloft).

I have also had the privilege of being a judge for the Handcrafted Kitemaking Competition at the AKA National Conventions. I get to ask the top builders in our sport how and why they do what they do, and see their amazing work up close, it is a real treat !!! Kite makers are known for sharing !

As part of my “day” job I have opened an Etsy site. I currently have Leather Masks, sock monsters and some wooden toys on it, please check it out Von Bokern

Previous classes: Lots! Many children and community classes, also both at MAKR and U-MAKE!