Linda Sanders

Linda SandersWillunga, South Australia




p: +61 8 8556 2681

postal: PO Box 758,

Willunga SA 5172, Australia

Linda flew her first kite at 40 and wasn’t overly-thrilled at the experience. But, when husband, Kevin, suggested she buy and manage a kite shop in 1995, she agreed, if only to prevent her from becoming a kite-widow.

In the quiet shop-days during Australia’s winter months, Linda experimented with sewing. Her first feather banners took shape in 1998, before taking on the serious task of "advertising banners" in 2004.

Working only in 200 denier fade-resistant flag nylon (much quieter than ripstop, longer life than printed cotton or polyester) “OzFeathers” have become Australia's premier manufacturer of all-sewn marketing banners. These are the banners you need when you want people to see you!

Linda’s creations are distinctive and highly recognizable - featured in USA, UK, South East Asia, Middle East and around Australia.

This year's workshop offers an Aussie-theme "artistic statement" banner (measuring 14½' x 2½'), along with further insight on how participants can start to create their own original designs as future challenges. Budding artists can pick Linda's brains on how to progress from their drawings to sewn fabric - empowerment at its best.

Each OzFeathers' design is created individually to complement customers' advertising needs, ranging from simple text through to intricate logos, and shipped locally, nationally and overseas.

The technique is best described as “fabric leadlight” or "fabric mosaic", and the process is quite unlike kite-makers' applique. No back-cutting, no double-sided tape, and no slippery ripstop nylon to battle with. Starting with the full-sized pattern, flag nylon is hot-welded together before the welds are carefully zig-zag sewn firmly together. Newcomers will find this a worthy challenge, while previous workshoppers can use this session to improve their hot-weld & sewing skills.

Previous classes: 2015 U-MAKE, 2015 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference, 2 workshops with the White Horse Kite Flyers